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Experiences in Ørland:

Marine areas

Ørland is surrounded by sea on three sides. Here you can make exciting boating excursions or cruises to small islets and inlets. Here are always opportunities of catching a great many kinds of fish. To see the landscape from the seaside is special and watching the sunset on a calm summer night is an experience you can hardly forget.


The strong tidal flow in and out the fjords makes this region one of the best areas  for fishing in Middle Norway. The type of fish to be caught vary with the season. In spring the catch is mostly small cod, haddock, coalfish and torsk. In July the mackerel arrives and a month or two later the herring comes. Bigger specimen of cod, coalfish and the spiked dogfish are in evidence at the same time. In shallow waters you will get plaice and other kinds of flatfish most of the year.


Grandefjæra is a nature reserve located in Ørland.  It includes the largest tidal zone in Norway. You will also find  three bird protection areas in the region: Innstrandfjæra, Hovsfjæra and Kråkvågsvaet.  The nature reserve and the three protection areas are all very important rest places for migratory birds and are protected wetlands according to the international Ramsar convention.

Protected grove

Austråttlunden is a protected wooded area with charming footpaths, easy of access, also for users of wheelchairs. Here are numerous rare plants and a rich variety of wildlife. In the grove you also will find the world’s northernmost wild oak tree, at least 400 years old.

Mountainous ridge

Rusasetfjellet is the only wild area in Ørland. Here a genuine nature lover may walk for hours. May be the only creatures to meet are wild animals like elk, deer, fox and hare. The area has also lots of interesting birds.



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