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Rønsholmen Brygger
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 Rønsholmen Brygger 

Rønsholmen Brygger is a plant of summer cottages situated in Ørland municipality at the Fosen peninsula near the estuary of the Trondheimsfjord. The local centre, Brekstad, which lies 8 km from the cottage group, has speedy catamarans to the nearest towns, Trondheim and Kristiansund. Brekstad has also  ferry  shuttle service across the fjord.

The cottages which are right by the water, are comfortable furnished and offer accommodation for five or six persons.  Each cottage has a floorage of about 80 square metres apportioned on two levels.


Rønsholmen Brygger has a dockside for its angling boats just by the cottages. The boats have a length of 5,3 m and each of them is fitted out with an outboard engine of  30hp. The boats are provided with inboard steering gear, and they also have compass, depth sounder (fish-finder) and of cause life jackets. For your safety, the boats are equipped with an emergency track finder in case you should get into trouble.

A separate old sea house is fitted out with a practical serviceroom where fish can be cleaned and filleted. The house has also a large electric smoke oven where the angler may prepare his catch. Moreover there is a freezing room in the building. Closets to keep fishing tackle and warm air to dry sea wear, are also available here. Upstairs the sea house has a little flat, convenient for two persons.

The strong tidal currents caused by the water that flows in and out of the Trondheimsfjord, bring an abundance of nourishment for a great many kinds of fish, such as coalfish, cod, pollack, haddock, ling, torsk and flatfish. The host will be happy to tell you where to find the best angling places and also in every way give you pieces of useful advice.

In our Angelshop we can offer you equipment suited for this area. Rods and reels can also be hired 

Rønsholmen Brygger is a place for vacation and recreation. The cottages are ideal as holiday homes for families. Here the guests can relax and enjoy a recumbent time, meet with nature and environment near the cottages.

Welcome to a pleasant holiday stay with the sea as your next-door neighbour!



Fornøyde fiskere


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